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Skin Care for People Living With Lupus

Lupus is a disease that can affect every part of the body including skin and joints. The condition is a chronic autoimmune, meaning, the signs and symptoms last for more than six weeks to years. Lupus is a non-communicable disease although it can cause death if not treated. The good news is that people living with lupus can apply some skin care tips which are helpful in treating the condition or maintaining healthy skin.

These tips include:

• A Healthy Morning Schedule
As a lupus patient, you might be an enthusiast of coffee every morning. The best option for your condition is green tea and honey which is healthier than coffee and comes with a bonus of antioxidants. If you experience nausea in the mornings, then it is imperative to eat a light but of weight breakfast. It is crucial to apply this daily to maintain a healthier skin.

• Workout
Staying active is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind whether you are sick or not. You can create small practices of activity that will offer you the right amount of workout without causing you a flare-up. Among the best exercises is yoga which you can do it at home; balancing with your weight without necessarily going to the gym. You can start with 15 minutes of light yoga every day as you increase comfortably. If the flare-up is affecting you, you can walk around outdoors as this too counts. Make sure you go little by little while exercising so that you don’t get hurt; the whole thing should feel fresh; workout helps in blood circulation as well.

• Adequate Sleep
Sleep is healthy for everyone, adequate sleep for lupus patients is paramount as well. Inadequate sleep leads to a terrible mood and results to a flare-up.

• Avoid Sun Exposure
Going to the beach with that bikini body is great, but for lupus patients, they must avoid it for healthier skin. The sun damages the skin more than chemicals, therefore; add a sunscreen to your lotion so that you don’t forget to apply. Moreover, it is crucial to cover up when you are exposed to the sun; you can also use an umbrella when it’s sunny.

• Keep Your Skin Hydrated
Signs of dehydration are susceptible to attacks on the skin, and many people are not aware. Dehydrated skin looks dry and dull therefore lupus patient should keep his or her skin hydrated by drinking water that should amount to eight glasses every day; it is what the body requires. If you find it tedious to drink water, you can substitute with lemon ice cubes which; satiate your thirst and keeps the body hydrated. Additionally, it helps in cleansing the intestines.

In conclusion, it is imperative to make an appointment with a dermatologist; this is to ensure that you get appropriate treatment for lupus.

Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has become the talk of the town since the researchers and nutritionists have deemed it to be the healthiest beverage among its sorts. A Brentwood roofing company owner switched from consuming coffee every morning to enjoying green tea as his daily routine and he claims it has completely changed his life. Bearing positive effects on your body’s mechanism, this beverage yields many benefits with its natural ingredients and compounds.

Many of you must be familiar with the effectiveness of this drink in reducing weight; well the benefits of this beverage extend to lowering blood flow, cholesterol levels, enhancing oral functions along with increasing metabolism rate and immune system activity.

Ever wondered why your nutritionist recommends incorporating the beverage in your appetite? Don’t think hard, the following benefits of this amazing tea can be substantial enough to provide you with the impetus to adopt green-tea-lifestyle.

Helps in enhancing oral activity

It might catch you by surprise to know that green tea can improve oral health if used moderately. With antioxidants such as catechin, this beverage provides a shield against bacteria and germ infusion into the body. Consequently, your gums provide a potent support base to your teeth and keep the oral activity intact. Squeezing some lemon in the cup can add to the flavor and vitality of this beverage.


Balances the Cholesterol Levels

High Cholesterol levels deteriorate your health and eat you up like termites eating the wood. It’s a silent killer lurking behind and flowing along arteries and veins of your body. Therefore, the best way to cope up with your enemy is the consumption of this beverage. This drink suffuses flavonoids and catechin into the human body, which can improve the blood flow and functioning of the heart.

green tea health benefits

Leads to substantial weight Loss

The direct benefits of consuming green tea on weight loss have been tested time and again. As a carrier of antioxidants and nourishing compounds, this beverage boosts your metabolism rate which speeds up the calorie burning process. Moreover, two to three cups of this drink escalate the fat oxidation levels in your body.


Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The heart is the core of human body; therefore its well-being is essential for your body’s functioning. The green tea benefits extend towards the most appropriate organ of the body. As this drink balances the cholesterol level, it bears a great healthy effect on the cardio functioning. As you consume this beverage, your blood pressure streamlines within the body and prevents the clotting or blockage around the heart.


Enriches the health of your skin

If you are worried about your aging skin, then you must resort to green tea for immediate beneficial results. Wrinkles, acne and fine lines become visible as you cross your youth. The consumption of this drink can add to the freshness and vitality of the skin.

After reading these green tea benefits, you are mulling over the quantity of green tea consumption. This isn’t the end to the benefits. This drink is a total nutrient-rich package for your body. Nutritionists suggest taking a moderate amount of the beverage i.e. 2-3 cups in a day. People who are concerned about their weight loss must drink sugarless tea.

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6 All-natural Anti-aging Products

There are numerous products that you can use in order to combat the effects of aging on your skin. If you want to know about all-natural products that have got anti-aging properties, then you can read all about different ones through this post. Using these products can be an effective routine for your anti-aging skin care. You can get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations and other effects of aging. And all of these products are all-natural, so there is no need to worry about nasty side effects when you try out these kinds of anti-aging skincare products.

Green tea

Green tea has been consumed for ages in China. It has many wonderful properties that can improve your body’s health. It is an anti-oxidant and also is a great body cleanser to use. It even has anti-aging properties that can help you fight the effects of aging on your skin. It does this by increasing cell turnover and regeneration, so this reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. You can try using green tea face masks to get this benefit.


There are natural chemicals within ginger that can help decrease the breakdown of collagen. Collagen is what makes your skin firm and plump. So using ginger can actually make your skin appear healthier and firmer. You can combat the effects of skin aging if you just drink some ginger tea. You can also try using products that contain gingerol which is an antioxidant that is found in ginger.

Argan oil

This is an oil that is derived from the argan tree found only in Morrocco. Many people have called this oil the miracle oil because of its many wonderful properties. One of its awesome properties is how it fights against the effects of aging. It is a wonderful product to use for anti-aging skincare. You will find that using it can adequately moisturize your skin. And this, in turn, can actually lead to less apparent wrinkles and fine lines on your skin as well.

Grape seed extract

There are numerous extracts that can be taken from grape seed that can be used in anti-aging skincare. You can use the essential oil that is derived from grape seed. These oils will contain some very powerful anti-oxidants. So you should be able to reduce the appearance of aging on your skin if you use grape seed essential oil. Grape seed extract also can protect the amount of elastin in your skin. This means that your skin will remain firm and flexible if you regularly use grape seed extract on it.


Sugar is a wonderful natural exfoliant. You can use a sugar scrub if you want to exfoliate your skin. If your skin looks dull from aging, you can simply use an exfoliating scrub that contains sugar. You will be able to get brighter and glowing skin if you use an all-natural sugar scrub. Using a sugar scrub can also reduce the appearance of inflammation and discoloration on your skin. This will lead to a healthier and more youthful appearance of your skin overall.


Aging can cause frown lines and other fine lines to appear on the skin. Not to mention, as you get older, you will get more wrinkles. There is no need to turn to botox or other cosmetic procedures to get rid of those. You can try using blueberries or its extracts. The anti-oxidants that are found in blueberries have actually been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. So it can be a powerful anti-aging skincare product.