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Skin Care for People Living With Lupus

Lupus is a disease that can affect every part of the body including skin and joints. The condition is a chronic autoimmune, meaning, the signs and symptoms last for more than six weeks to years. Lupus is a non-communicable disease although it can cause death if not treated. The good news is that people living with lupus can apply some skin care tips which are helpful in treating the condition or maintaining healthy skin.

These tips include:

• A Healthy Morning Schedule
As a lupus patient, you might be an enthusiast of coffee every morning. The best option for your condition is green tea and honey which is healthier than coffee and comes with a bonus of antioxidants. If you experience nausea in the mornings, then it is imperative to eat a light but of weight breakfast. It is crucial to apply this daily to maintain a healthier skin.

• Workout
Staying active is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind whether you are sick or not. You can create small practices of activity that will offer you the right amount of workout without causing you a flare-up. Among the best exercises is yoga which you can do it at home; balancing with your weight without necessarily going to the gym. You can start with 15 minutes of light yoga every day as you increase comfortably. If the flare-up is affecting you, you can walk around outdoors as this too counts. Make sure you go little by little while exercising so that you don’t get hurt; the whole thing should feel fresh; workout helps in blood circulation as well.

• Adequate Sleep
Sleep is healthy for everyone, adequate sleep for lupus patients is paramount as well. Inadequate sleep leads to a terrible mood and results to a flare-up.

• Avoid Sun Exposure
Going to the beach with that bikini body is great, but for lupus patients, they must avoid it for healthier skin. The sun damages the skin more than chemicals, therefore; add a sunscreen to your lotion so that you don’t forget to apply. Moreover, it is crucial to cover up when you are exposed to the sun; you can also use an umbrella when it’s sunny.

• Keep Your Skin Hydrated
Signs of dehydration are susceptible to attacks on the skin, and many people are not aware. Dehydrated skin looks dry and dull therefore lupus patient should keep his or her skin hydrated by drinking water that should amount to eight glasses every day; it is what the body requires. If you find it tedious to drink water, you can substitute with lemon ice cubes which; satiate your thirst and keeps the body hydrated. Additionally, it helps in cleansing the intestines.

In conclusion, it is imperative to make an appointment with a dermatologist; this is to ensure that you get appropriate treatment for lupus.